A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Monsters have taken over the world. And you are the last one who wants to go to the moon. Live until Space Shuttle launch and  Kill the monsters with Moonlight Sonata. When the music slows down, take notes (parchment) and gain your health (with music).

  • Keys:
    • Movement: W, A, S, D 
    • Space: Jump
    • Dragon's Breath: 1
    • Sword Slash: 2
    • Rain of Fire: 3
    • Camera and Character rotations: Mouse Buttons
    • Interact: E
    • Q: Roll
    • Right Click Interactables for basic attack(monster) and mouse interactions


MoonlightTravellerWin.zip 39 MB
MoonlightTravellerLin.zip 55 MB

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